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Yeah ! At last ! An update !! First of all, I'd like to apologize for the Pierrot Clips., my web host closed the accounts I created two months after I put the videos on. So I don't have them anymore (except 3 or 4 of them...). IF YOU WANT IT, I can roll some... let's say every 2 weeks. But as I don't have had any feedback, I nearly wonder if someone downloaded them o_O So tell me.

For those who don't know Art Marju Duchain, I finally uploaded their mp3s. I hope everyone will enjoy ! There is one missing 'reset' an instrumental one that is only on the reedition CD with ANAPHAXETON... Sorry for that.

It was hard to find a new layout that can succeed to Kirito ^^; But I think the cutie Toshiya right here is good ^__^ I hope this new layout will please you. Also, I fixed the bug in the Guestbook.

I am sorry there are no new articles since July but... in fact I don't find any band to talk about that I know enough to write an article on. I hope you'll understand. If you want to help me, do not hesitate to write to me :

See you !